All of Me

Last meeting we had a suggestion of “All of Me” – nice song.

The print was a little out as the font had changed – so I’ve attempted to edit this together as correct and added the G7+5 chord and chord diagrams

Click here to download: All of Me



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Inkspots Introduction.

Further to the Inkspots “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire”


This should be known at the “Inkspots Intro”.

(possibly play twice)

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Explanation of “I Don’t Want to set the World on Fire” – it’s all about the “pinky”!


At the last meeting I tried to “stretch” people to playing “I don’t want to set the world on fire”.

I dont want to set the world on fire – click here for music.

First sticking point: The original Inkspots version is actually too slow for any sane person to attempt to play.


It’s horribly slow. So I try to play this a little faster – in order to not fall asleep between notes.

Second sticking point (s)

There’s a Ebdim and a Dm7.

Ebdim is enough to give you nightmares unless you think about it from a different angle.


Here’s the trick: Play the C chord, at the start of the song,  with you little finger. Then at “on” you press down your first, middle and ring finger as if you are playing a G on the remaining three strings.

Ordinarily you’d be playing C with your ring finger, but to change from C to Ebdim – you need to play with your little finger.



Thinking of it this way – playing C with your little finger – make the Dm7 easy too. Simply keep the little finger on the C chord position and play Dm – this make Dm7




. . .  and the final two “odd chords”
C9 – which is just a C7 and a middle/ ring finger onto the C string on second fret – not impossible.


The last “odd” chord is the G7+5


This is just a G& with that lovely little finger pressing down on the third fret of the C string.

Please try this. Once you’ve master the timing between C, Ebdim and Dm7 you’ll actually enjoy it.





“Inkspots Intro”.

(possibly play twice)



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We pretty much ignore proper intros and jump straight in or “play first two lines without singing” as an intro.

Here’s the Beatles “Lady Madonna”

ounds nothing like the intro we’ve got written down

Love Potion Number 9

hat’s two chords – single strum each.


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Fly Me to the Moon – timings

The chords seem simple enough.

Fly me to the moon – PDF extracted

We just seem to have a struggle between those who think there should be a pause after the first A7 and those who thin we should go straight into “In other words”.

Straight in:

– Julie London
Here’s pretty much straight in (biggest pause I could find for Sinatra):


I’ll be honest. I can’t find a version that has any reasonable pause.

This has a bit of a pause, but it’s a bit freaky:

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Cello Prelude No. 1 – J.S.Bach


The music:

What was I thinking?

Rather than strumming all the time, I thought it’d be nice to have a go at plucking. The song that I chose was a classic cello piece from J.S.Bach. The timing is relatively simple 8 notes per bar regardless.
Break the song down into two bars and practice those 16 notes. Then move onto the next 16 notes.

This is what it sounds like on a cello
Close your eyes and let it wash over you.

Here’s it played on plastic tubes:

And on a uke

Please try to enjoy this.


Here’s different version:

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Skipsea Ukulele and Folk Festival

As mentioned last night, here’s the Skipsea ukulele and Folk Festival poster.

2nd April 2016 at Skipsea Village Hall (CLICK HERE) – opens in Google maps – only 21 miles away.

I’ll be contacting the organiser later to offer support and see what he wants of us.

skipsea festival

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Thanks for last Monday night.

Thanks to all the players at the Monday night meeting on 17th.

I hope the distribution of luxury kazoos and the list of kazoo “enhanced” song makes sense of the previous post.

Have a go at Tequila (homework) click here – tequila
Listen to this

Also try: Delilah, Mothers Little Helper, Lady Madonna, Urban Spaceman and find your own!

Other news:

Next meeting falls on a Bank Holiday.
Half the group said they would “give it a miss”, so next meeting will be MONDAY 14th September (September already!)

We were asked to play an event same weekend as the Freedom Festival (allotments).
Most people said they will be at freedom festival – so that’s a non starter 😦

Jake Shimabukuro

– in “dirty” Leeds
– 18 September 2015
– Tickets: £24.50
– He might not have a kazoo with him


Yorkshire Dales Ukulele Festival :



– 28-30 August, 2015
– In Hawes, Yorkshire dales


See you soon


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How to play the kazoo

I know it’s an advanced musical technique, but at some point we all have to learn the kazoo to go along with the ukulele.

Originally a weapon, the kazoo is now often used as an accompaniment to the ukulele on various songs such as “Tequila”, “Lady Madonna”, Urban Spaceman” etc.

Played correctly and with passion it can bring a tear to the eye and a lump to the throat (which can be detrimental to the playing of kazoos).

Here’s a useful guide to which I may steal bits: HOW-TO-PLAY

From – great place to buy different kazoo designs.



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Song sheets of Town Called Malice and End of a Century.

Last meeting I re-introduced a couple of old songs – Town Called Malice (which went down a treat) and End of a Century (which went down like a lead balloon).

Some of the difficulties in this were the new chords. F6, F#m, Db and Dbm aren’t easy to keep in your mind whilst reading music and trying to sing – so I’ve added them to the music sheets and added some instructions to the intro of Town Called Malice.

F#m= Gbm and Dbm=C#m – different names for same chords.







Explanation of the bridge of Town Called Malice:

Play Db



(a C moved up one fret, using Barre of your first finger)


“Whole street’s belief”




(Usual Bm)


“In Sunday’s roast Beef”



(Move the whole chord up two frets barre 4th fret)


“Is dashed against …




(and back down two fret to barre the 2nd fret again for Bm)


… the Co-op”


To become familiar with the tunes check out youtube

Town Called Malice. – – don’t try to practice at the speed.
End of a century – – just try to follow the rhythm

Here’s my typing: Town called malice v1.1 End Of The Century

Next Monday – 17th August: Unleash the kazoos of war! 


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