Regular meeting Monday 19th June – 8pm Old English Gentleman

Evening all.

Last meeting I tried an experiment. Worried, each meeting, that I don’t bring enough music, I brought all 5 songbooks, complete with braille identifying holes, (finally a solution that won’t wear off or fall off!).

I wrote a out a list of 30 (yep – 30!) songs as a suggested list.

It turns out that we only got through a couple of books (maybe 5 or 6 from each) before we tried the 5 news songs I brought in and Saalo’s original composition.
I was impressed by Saalo’s song. The rhythm breaks away from the unusual Hawaiian strum that we fall into.

So my conclusion is that we really only need a couple of songbooks per night plus a few new songs to try.
(It was back breaking bringing in that many books anyway!).

The new songs that we tried were :
(each song has the music HERE and then the VIDEO HERE to play along with)
Fat Sam’s Grand Slam HERE  – which I though went better than expected – VIDEO HERE
Always look on the Bright Side of Life HERE – Which went well (obviously) VIDEO HERE
Tonight you Belong to me HERE    VIDEO HERE   Or HERE
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer ( a simple version ) – HERE VIDEO HERE
The Times, They are A Changin’ HERE    VIDEO HERE

The Times, They are A Changin’ – there are extra chords at the end of some of the lines. These have to be played. The line that don’t have a chords at the end go straight into the next line. Look at the music while the video is playing.
Anyone with a harmonica is welcome to play along.


Next meeting is 8pm on 19th June. It might be hot, so we’ll take a vote on playing outside.



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