About & Contact

We meet at HIGHWAY pub from 7:30pm to 10pm every fortnight
We have a break at 9pm for a quick “refresher”,

The evening usually goes along the lines of
–  a couple of easy songs to start the night
–  suggestions of new songs from players/ more difficult songs to stretch your skills. Sometimes these are along a theme
–  break (have another beer/ cigarette/ visit the loo)
– continue with suggestions of new songs
– end with requests for favourites


The Hull Ukulele Group came about as an excuse to go to the pub, but the plan backfired when 15 people turned up at the first meeting. Over a few beers, some crisps, and a Johnny Cash song, the Hull Ukulele Group was born. They regularly perform around Hull & East Yorkshire, where we have become a popular fixture at local events and festivals, including the Clipper Race, Ella Street Festival, Vista Festival, The Avenues Opens Gardens, Small World Festival and Tribfest (Europe’s largest tribute band festival).

We started off in the Blue Lamp and then had to move when we clashed with a live music night. We moved to The New Clarence on English Street. This was great as we had a large room above the pub with tables and chairs. When this closed for refurbishment, we moved the the nearest pub – the Old English Gentlemen. COVID hit us badly, with live music and practises being stopped. It’s almost impossible to do live music through Zoom, so the attendance dwindled. 

Coming out of COVID, I’m hopeful that this little piece of wood will help people socialise again, support good mental health and provide a musical outlet.

To contact someone : CLICK HERE

5 responses to “About & Contact

  1. david stephenson

    Hi, I would like to refresh my interest in the ukulele, having moved from Elland dec 2019 to Withernsea I have been looking for a new group of enthusiasts to join and rekindle my limited skills. Previously played with CHUG (Halifax) and Friends of Beaumont Park (Huddersfield).

  2. Phil. Sanders

    When is the next ukulele meeting, thanks

  3. Mike Cooper

    I am a beginner but would like to learn to play the Ukulele. Can you cater for me and where and when do you meet.
    Mike Cooper

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