Report from Skipsea Ukulele Festival 2nd April 2016

Hello you lovely people.

I didn’t want to post anything straight after the performance last Saturday – I didn’t want to get carried away at the time.

After democratically choosing what we wanted to play and then discussing the intros and timing, I set about removing all the music from our “Gig books” and replacing them with the agreed songs, in the order we chose.


This took about 2 hours on Saturday morning.

At the gig on stage at 2pm was Beverley Ukulele Group with ukulele superstar Greg Lamb adding his skills to Carole and Ian and the other 8 players (sorry I don’t know your names!). A few solid standards and a good sing-a-long.










On the open-mic stage Pet and Saalo managed to avoid me and I missed them performing.














While Maggie bravely did a solo, before being joined by Liz












Maggie and Liz

On the main stage group after group played a 20-25 minute set. Some played purely ukuleles, others brought guitars, violins and percussion instruments. All added to the depth of sound.

Eventually after most groups had covered our entire set list (Bye Bye Love, Bad Moon Rising, Urban Spacemen, Happy Together, I Wanna Be Like you), we went on stage at 5:30pm. We improvised our set list to omit some repeats and I think it worked really well.















The effort paid off. We haven’t played live in 16 months (empty car park in the rain)  and we hadn’t performed some of the songs I had re-written on Friday night. So the sounds that actually came out of us was brilliant.

Well done all of you.


So . . . .  as the sun set over Skipsea village hall, it’s goodbye from me.











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