Last night and info

Thanks for all who came last night – I had a good time.


I was very impressed with our attempts (most for the first time) at Bowie songs. They have odd chords, strange timing and weird lyrics – that’s what make them special.
It was hard, but worth it.

I’m guessing you are all itching to practise these again and if you didn’t take home a copy, here are links and in the order we played them:

– Starman LINK
– The Man Who Stole the World  LINK – but if you look at SCORPEX version you don’ play the Dm – but he’s only got two thirds
– Ziggy Stardust LINK
– Space Oddity LINK – some great chords in there.


Also Grand Northern Ukulele Festival – I said I’d mention it.

Grand Northern Ukulele Festival

Looks remarkable. Loads of performers – some serious, some comedic.
Workshops and chances to perform/ busk

It’s in Huddersfield so 75 mile away.
27th – 29th May (ticket site says 28th – 29th, but I bet there is a load on Friday night – even if it’s just pubs full of players hammering out “Sloop John B”!
Full weekend ticket is £44 (there are concessions)
There are workshops with may cost extra per workshop.
This is a great way to learn the skills that you simply yearn to have (picking, Jazz, Blues, building a uke, Bass uke, etc. )
Last year the one workshop I would have killed to attend was “Learn to play any song by ear“!.

Here’s last year’s programme:
From this the workshops seem to be late morning until early afternoon and then performances early afternoon into the night.


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