What we are doing at the moment (Summer 2022).

I get asked often if the group has died and have we stopped playing live or even meeting in a pub.

The rumours about our demise are untrue. We meet once a week either a Monday or Wednesday and we have been playing live throughout the summer of 2022. We have, (at the most), over 20 players and regularly get 12 players for a night of tunes and ukulele chat.

To get used to playing live, we have been playing un-advertised/ un-authorised gigs in parks around Hull where there is a bandstand, (East Park, Pearson Park, Pickering Park), along with Ella Street Festival. We were even asked to play a party for a lady’s 70th birthday with a 60’s /70’s theme.

In keeping with the tradition of organisers getting the name wrong, at Ella Street Festival, we were advertised in advance, on chalk board timetables and over the speaker system on the day as “Hug Ukulele Group”. Me saying “Hull Ukulele Group – spells H.U.G.” seems to have been misinterpreted.

Playing live without advertising/ permission means that the only people who saw us were passing park users – typically dog walkers, child herders and bench regulars.

Pearson Park June
Ella Street Festival
East Park
Pickering Park (hidden bandstand)
Back in Pearson Park in August – very hot performance and over an hour.
A 70th birthday party for a lady in Wawne.

So, we’re not dead, we just don’t advertise our existence that much. 🙂
– John

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