During Coronavirus Lockdown

Hello everyone.

During lockdown the group is still “meeting” via “Zoom” as a virtual meeting- at 8pm.

Zoom give people 40 minutes free to try out their service. We are meeting for that 40 minutes free time.

If Zoom extend that we go on for about an hour. Zoom cut our first meeting at 40 minutes exactly and the second meeting was extended. I can’t tell if Zoom are going to extend the time each week.

We’ve been using Jim’s Songbook to a pretty good degree. https://ozbcoz.com/Songs/index.php
It allow scrolling and searching so I shared the webpage, hit scroll and we set off.

So far we’ve had a go at :
John Prine – Please Don’t Bury Me (we played this for months before John’s passing and as a tribute to him he day before the news broke)
Things – Bobby Darin
Happy Together – The Turtles
With a Little Help for my Friends – The Beatles

We then just picked random tunes to play.
If you want suggestions to practise – have a go at the above and below).

This week I have proposed:

Take it Easy – Eagles
Daydream – Lovin Spoonful
Stuck in the Middle With You – Steelers Wheel
After Hours – Velvet Underground
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer – Beatles

The songs are simple and hopefully we can all play.
During the singing, the meetings are muted so you can only hear me (I’m a terrible player and singer, but I’m there to play along with).
We socialise and have a chat before we start and in between each song and after the session ends.



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