Happy New Year!!!


Hello lovely people.

I hope you have had a remarkable Christmas 2016 and 2017 is off to a good start.

The meetings for 2017:
At the last meeting we discussed when to have the meetings throughout 2017.
Through the power of Microsoft Excel and =sum(a1+14), repeat,  I bring you:

skip today!! 03-07-17
16-01-17 17-07-17
30-01-17 31-07-17
13-02-17 14-08-17
27-02-17 28-08-17 !
13-03-17 11-09-17
27-03-17 25-09-17
10-04-17 09-10-17
24-04-17 23-10-17
08-05-17 06-11-17
22-05-17 20-11-17
05-06-17 04-12-17
19-06-17 18-12-17

This set of dates avoids all bank holidays – except August Bank Holiday on August 28th – so we’ll skip that one.

So first meeting of 2017 will be 16th January 

Can we talk about the years plans (performing, trips to festivals , musical choices for the year etc) ?

I was going to build a new uke from parts of an old uke over Christmas, but have been busy trying to eat as much as possible.
I might attempt this in the next two weeks.


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