Song sheets of Town Called Malice and End of a Century.

Last meeting I re-introduced a couple of old songs – Town Called Malice (which went down a treat) and End of a Century (which went down like a lead balloon).

Some of the difficulties in this were the new chords. F6, F#m, Db and Dbm aren’t easy to keep in your mind whilst reading music and trying to sing – so I’ve added them to the music sheets and added some instructions to the intro of Town Called Malice.

F#m= Gbm and Dbm=C#m – different names for same chords.







Explanation of the bridge of Town Called Malice:

Play Db



(a C moved up one fret, using Barre of your first finger)


“Whole street’s belief”




(Usual Bm)


“In Sunday’s roast Beef”



(Move the whole chord up two frets barre 4th fret)


“Is dashed against …




(and back down two fret to barre the 2nd fret again for Bm)


… the Co-op”


To become familiar with the tunes check out youtube

Town Called Malice. – – don’t try to practice at the speed.
End of a century – – just try to follow the rhythm

Here’s my typing: Town called malice v1.1 End Of The Century

Next Monday – 17th August: Unleash the kazoos of war! 


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