Music from the last meeting

Hello lovely people.

I have been meaning to do a video explaining the Fratellis “Whistle for the Choir”, but haven’t gotten around to it. It looks very difficult and it’s really not. They have daft chords in there that once explained, make perfect sense.

The music we played at the last meeting: (click on each)
Dancing in the Dark
Every Day is Like Sunday
Somewhere in My Heart
Man on the Moon
This is the Life – she starts singing slow and then it’s 6 words per second during the chorus
Whistle for the Choir

Whistle for the Choir – let’s see if I can explain it (Don’t worry – it’s not hard)
Forget the Dbm that has dark circles – play the one with white circles.
Dbm – press your first finger between the 3rd and 4th fret of the CEA string (the bottom three strings as you hold the uke). REST the tip of your finger on G string (The top one as you hold your uke). This mutes the top string. m444

Then to move to the E6 – simply move your finger across all 4 strings. 4444

E6 to Eb6 to D6 are all done by strumming once and move the finger that is “barring” the strings one fret down with each strum. 4444>3333>2222

The strumming pattern is

E6 – D
Eb6 – D

(To be honest I tried a few strumming patterns that worked).

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