Next meeting – 4th March 8pm Old English Gentleman





Just a quick reminder that the next meeting at OEG will be 8pm on Monday 4th March.

I realise that 10 of us went to see Ukebox at Adelphi and I know you are all keen to play new music – so can I ask that people only bring 3 or 4 new songs to the next meeting.
Last Monday we had a look at “The Final Countdown” and “Holding Out for a Hero” and frankly, I  think they are “non starters”.

Also – New players.
If you are a “Lurker” (someone who reads the webpage or get the email but doesn’t want to get involved)  – HELLO!.
We are always looking for new members who want to learn, want to play but are a little frightened that we’ll take your dinner money and beat you up at “play time”
We are a friendly bunch and welcome new people.
If you have a ukulele and simple don’t know where to start or if you are a maestro and are willing to put up with us – come along!




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